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Invest with us 

Investing in theatre can be an incredibly rewarding experience both financially and personally. Whilst it’s always considered a ‘high risk’ investment, seeing a production through from the very beginning until showtime, and knowing you’ve been a core part of that process, is a feeling like no other.


At Future Spotlight Productions we work collaboratively with our investors, keeping you regularly updated and making sure that you know where your money is going. Here are some of the things investors in our shows can expect:


– Tickets to opening night performances/Premieres 

– Access to private producer rehearsals / Screenings

– First call to invest in future productions

– Frequent financial updates

– Access to opening night parties, open dress rehearsals, meeting the company, Premieres 

– Exclusive news


If you’re interested in working with us on our incredible range of innovative and professional productions, please drop an email.

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